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Titan Martial Arts
1628 W. Lindsey
Norman, OK 73069

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About Titan Martial Arts

Titan Martial Arts offers classes for everyone interested in improving their physical conditioning, self defense abilities, and martial arts skill and competition readiness. We train students from every walk of life. We have military personnel, police officers, teachers, medical professionals, students and professional athletes who all train or have trained at Titan. Titan Martial Arts has several students that regularly compete in various competitive events.

The instructors at Titan Martial Arts are well trained and highly knowledgeable in many disciplines of martial arts and will assist you in achieving the goals that you set for yourself. The instructors also continue their training on a regular basis by traveling to other schools for seminars as well as hosting seminars.

The lessons that you learn through Titan Martial Arts can be applied to your every day life to boost your confidence in dealing with various situations. The students are a family and help each other in class as well as going above and beyond to form friendships outside the studio. Titan Martial Arts promotes a family atmosphere where we welcome one member of your family or all members.


Scott Hewitt is the owner and head instructor of Titan Martial Arts. Coach Hewitt's martial art training started in 1974 and is still going strong today. He is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt under Renato Tavares and a founding member of the Renato Tavares Brazlian Jiu-Jitsu Association. In October 2014 Coach Hewitt and Titan Martial Arts became a RCJ Machado Association school under the World famous Machado Brothers. He will be working closely with Carlos Machado to bring the very best BJJ to Titan.

Coach Hewitt wanted to further his martial arts knowledge and add real world self defense to his current curriculum. In December of 2011 he tested for and became a Certified Krav Maga instructor under the USKMA. Coach Hewitt continues to add to his Krav Maga training by training with some of the best in the world, including Alan Predolin of KMG. In September of 2014 Coach Hewitt was certified in CT 707 Israeli Special Forces Krav Maga under former Israeli Counter Terror and Krav Maga instructor Nir Maman.

Coach Scott Hewitt